A North Yorkshire farming family have created a poignant and powerful display using hay bales and an old trailer in a field they own.

The Wood family, who own Colburn Grange Farm, near Catterick, have used some of their farming equipment and a lot of imagination to make the display. 

The family's creation, which is visible from Catterick Road, depicts a poppy, planes, boats, and even a tank - and has so far received several positive comments.

The Northern Echo: The display at Colburn Grange FarmThe display at Colburn Grange Farm (Image: Northern Echo)

Despite the impressive display, this isn't the first time the family have created depictions with hay bales - having done a Coronation to King Charles one, as well as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II when she died. 

Dave Wood, who owns the farm, said that he and his family try and create one display each year, and vary between Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions. 

Mr Wood, who has now handed the farm over to his son, says that it's always a "family effort" and involves planning from his whole family, including his young granddaughters.

The Northern Echo: One of the designs for the displayOne of the designs for the display (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

He said: "We wanted to do something for D-Day 80 years because we didn't want people to forget. 

"It's important for us to mark the occasion, given Catterick's rich military history.

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"With the displays, we just want to lift people's spirits.

"We've received several compliments, and want to thank everyone who has liked the display so far."

When asked about future displays, Mr Wood said that future displays would be reserved for special occasions - but hinted at the possibility of a Christmas creation later this year.