North East gamers could be in line for a job at virtual IKEA as the beloved Swedish store has announced it is looking to employ people in its e-stores inside popular video game Roblox.

Paid roles are up for grabs with the upcoming immersive experience, 'The Co-worker Game,' set to launch on June 24.

This novel initiative allows IKEA fans an opportune moment to live their home furnishing dreams in a virtual universe where they get paid for it too.

'The Co-Worker Game,' according to details released by IKEA, offers players a unique approach to careers where non-linear journeys are the norm and lateral moves across departments are commonplace.

The move marks IKEA's first foray into mainstream gaming, offering a handful of lucky players the chance to secure paid virtual co-worker roles.

Applications for these hanker-after positions are open from June 3 and will close on June 16.

Successful applicants will face working life as it comes in IKEA, helping virtual customers and even earning promotions to move departments, mirroring the real-life working environment of the global flat-pack giants.

The broader Roblox community, including gamers and IKEA enthusiasts worldwide, will be permitted a space to work, explore, and soak in the virtual IKEA universe.

The Northern Echo: You could soon be working in this virtual IKEA store inside a video game.

IKEA's Country People and Culture Manager for the UK and Ireland, Darren Taylor said: "We’re excited to be the first brand to launch paid work on Roblox to showcase how we do careers differently, bringing our unique careers philosophy to life.

"At IKEA, there is no set route to career progression.

"Our co-workers are able to change roles, switch departments, and grow in any direction they choose, both in the game or in the real world.

"There are many ways to learn and grow at IKEA, and that's what IKEA on Roblox is all about."