A couple will become the first to tie the knot at a 'stunning' national park later this month when they get married overlooking the North York Moors. 

John Ashby and Michelle Ismay will say 'I do' on Saturday, June 22, when they arrive at Sutton Bank National Park surrounded by friends, family, and even a few strangers mixed in. 

The couple, who are thought to be the first to get married at the location, have selected the beautiful location - in what is expected to be a special occasion for the pair. 

The Northern Echo: John Ashby and Michelle IsmayJohn Ashby and Michelle Ismay (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

Guests attending the ceremony will have a short walk along the Cleveland Way towards Garbutt Wood, with John and Michelle getting married overlooking Lake Gormire. 

While some might be worried about members of the public walking through the route, the couple are embracing it and have prepared for walkers passing by the wedding, or even joining the congregation at Sutton Bank. 

The Northern Echo: Sutton BankSutton Bank (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The ceremony will be performed by wedding celebrant Simon Baker, who will be overseeing a service for the first time on June 22 when he marries Michelle and John; something that he says he is "excited" and "honoured" about.

He said: "I'm looking forward to being the celebrant at the wedding - it will be a very special occasion, and I'm so happy for John and Michelle.

The Northern Echo: John and MichelleJohn and Michelle (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

"I always wanted to do weddings and be a celebrant because I'm a romantic at heart. I love to see couples happy, and I've got four more weddings as a celebrant coming up later this year.

"Hopefully the weather will hold for John and Michelle's wedding, but we have got a contingency just in case it rains."

The Northern Echo: Simon Baker the wedding celebrantSimon Baker the wedding celebrant (Image: SIMON BAKER)

While Mr Baker has never been a celebrant at any other wedding, this one will be an extra special one - given that Simon taught John karate when he was around 11, as well as being the ICT manager at Thirsk School and sixth form, where two of Michelle's children are pupils. 

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Mr Baker added: "Working with John and Michelle is special to carry out their vision for the wedding. I'm doing it free of charge, and have created an arch for them to stand in front of for the wedding too.

"Fingers crossed for good weather."

While the couple will have a celebration ceremony at Sutton Bank - they will be officially married a few works before the service, given that the celebrant can't legally marry them.