Akshata Murty, wife of the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, visited veterans at one of the Royal British Legions care homes today (Wednesday, May 29). 

Akshata Murty spoke to residents and staff, many of whom are former servicemen and women, at Lister House in the North Yorkshire city. 

The home is one of six in the country owned and operated by the Royal British Legion, designed specially for armed forces veterans and their families and the unique experience many of them have been through. 

After sharing tea and cake with residents and hearing stories from their lives and the time they have spent at Lister House, Akshata Murty was given a tour of the home. 

She also met and spoke with staff before taking part in a sing-a-long of residents' favourite songs.

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"It was great to meet so many residents at Lister House and understand how they are cared for by the fantastic staff," Akshata Murty said.

"I know the Conservatives are determined to make the United Kingdom the best in the world to be a veteran and places like these Royal British Legion care homes highlight how we can treat them with the dignity and the respect they deserve after the service they have given to their country. Ahead of the D-Day 80th commemorations it feels more important than ever.

"It was particularly special that the care home is so close to our home in Yorkshire and I hope to visit again soon”