A mum of two who lives less than 100 metres from a 'problematic' junction of the A19 has called for a closure of the stretch of road after 'countless' fatalities that have traumatised her and her family. 

Anna Kitching, who lives beside the northbound carriageway of the A19 near Kirby Sigston, Northallerton, has said that her family has had to endure years of 'traumatic' scenes of serious and fatal crashes.

The junction, which is next to the former Haynes Arms pub, sits just beyond the gate of Anna's house and is known in the area for its dangerous nature, due to anyone turning out of it having to do so onto a 70mph carriageway, and those turning from the southbound carriageway into the junction have to cross four lanes of traffic.

The Northern Echo: Anna Kitching next to the A19 junctionAnna Kitching next to the A19 junction (Image: PATRICK GOULDSBROUGH)

Through the years, Anna has recalled several bad traffic accidents, some of which were fatal, that she and her family have been "first to the scene" - including several that have seen her family having to help unconscious people out of vehicles and even seeing dead bodies on the A19.

This, she says, has put a strain on her family, and has even led to increased anxiety for her teenage daughter, Amelia.

Anna said: "These crashes on the stretch of road have gone on for years. It never seems to get any better. We are constantly hearing crashes and sirens from emergency vehicles. 

The Northern Echo: The junction runs next to Anna's houseThe junction runs next to Anna's house (Image: PATRICK GOULDSBROUGH)

"The sound of metal from cars hitting one another is almost numbing - you already know what has happened before you look outside.

"It's horrendous - people say for us to put our house up for sale - that's not a solution, it's just passing off responsibility for the safety of people."

Following a serious collision in April of this year, Anna's daughter Amelia set up a petition, aiming for the closure of the Haynes Arms junction of the A19 calling on local politicians and highway groups to consider the safety of drivers that use the road.

The Northern Echo: The A19 junction near Kirby SigstonThe A19 junction near Kirby Sigston (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

So far, the Kitching family have contacted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has to use the junction, given he has a house in Kirby Sigston, who has passed the issue on to National Highways.

Mr Sunak has said that improvements on that junction and similar junctions nearby - and says he is committed to working with National Highways. 

He said: “I understand the resident’s concern as I use the junction regularly and a number of local residents have contacted me

“I have been working on the safety of the A19 for a number of years which has resulted in the closure of four gaps between the Black Swan crossroads and the Tontine.

“National Highways are working on designs for the stretch south of Osmotherley and are about to start consultations on proposals for a number of the junctions, including Kirby Sigston.

“I understand a package of improvements are proposed for the junction to improve its safety.”

But Anna is now 'fed up' with the lack of 'immediate action' and has questioned how many more people have to die before a change is made.

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Anna added: "I don't know how many people have to be injured or die, or how many more people need to be dragged out of cars by my family.

"My eldest daughter is 17 and driving this year. She is petrified she doesn’t want to ever drive. Every time we mention her driving she simply breaks down as she is so traumatised from seeing so many fatalities. 

"We seem to be left in limbo over this - and don't know where else to turn to."

Alongside the continued traffic that uses the road, the mum of two worries that increased traffic from the former Haynes Arms site, which has recently got planning permission as a campsite holiday village, will see an influx of visitors during the holiday season.

"This road can't hold any more cars - we dread to think what would happen if hundreds more cars per week travelled on this junction," Anna added.

A spokesperson for National Highways said: "Safety is our top priority and we’re exploring options for potential additional safety measures at this junction."