The owners of a pub that was hit by a one-star hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency have explained the reasons behind the low score. 

It was revealed earlier this month that The Fox Hall Inn, based on the A66 at East Layton, Richmond, had been given a low food hygiene ranking during an inspection on April 19. 

During the inspection, the venue had been ranked 'major improvement necessary' in the 'hygienic food handling' category, while receiving a 'Good' rating in 'cleanliness and condition of facilities and building', and 'Generally satisfactory' when it comes to 'management of food safety'.

In October last year, the popular venue was taken over by Landlord Chris Daley and Chef Scott Fisher - aiming to retain the Fox Hall Inn as a great place for food and drink.

The Northern Echo:  The Fox Hall Inn, based on the A66 at East Layton, Richmond The Fox Hall Inn, based on the A66 at East Layton, Richmond (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

And the owners of the venue have put the food hygiene rating down to fridges and freezer issues, caused by consistent power cuts - and have said that they await another inspection. 

Within his explanation, Mr Daley said that consistent power cuts have led to issues with the fridges and freezers, as well as The Fox Hall Inn having to scrap £500 worth of food, due to the issues with the electrics. 

He said: "The main reason was our main outside freezer and fridge (large capacity) were causing myself and team enormous problems.

"The freezer and fridge have been adversely affected by the area's frequent power cuts both have shot up sometimes to 18 degrees which cooks the food you need to chill or freeze.  

"We've had to throw whole batches away sometimes up to £500 worth of meat alone from freezer problems.  

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"Hence our fridge and freezers were somewhat overburdened when the EHO visited.  Some date tickets were past their sell-by date but these were probably from the freezer.

"My chef and team are looking forward to a revisit." 

Venues which have received a low hygiene score are normally visited by inspectors within three months of the initial visit - and the Fox Hall Inn will be issued with a new score following the re-inspection.