Take That will headline the Riverside Stadium on Friday (May 24) night, and concertgoers will be hoping the sun will ‘shine’ down on Middlesbrough.

While stalls around the stadium are sure to be selling ponchos in case of wet weather, fans of the 90s three-piece will be hoping for a dry night for the gig.

It comes after Bruce Springsteen’s concert at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland on Wednesday (May 22) night was a soggy affair, but fans of the ‘boss’ weren’t deterred by the downpours.

Will it rain?

It looks like fans are in for a night of perfect weather conditions for the gig, with average temperatures and forecasters predicting just a 10 per cent chance of rain for most of the day, dropping to a less than 5% chance at 9pm when Take That will be on stage.

The Northern Echo: A rainy Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.A rainy Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough. (Image: MARK FLETCHER)

What is the forecast for the gig?

We’re broken down the hour-by-hour weather forecast for Middlesbrough, according to the Met Office, here along with timings for the event:

  • 3pm (fan village opens at 3.30pm) – 17C and cloudy (feels like 15C)
  • 4pm – 15C and overcast (feels like 14C)
  • 5pm (stadium opens) – 15C and overcast (feels like 14C)
  • 6pm – 15C and cloudy (feels like 14C)
  • 7pm (Olly Murs due on stage 7.25pm) – 15C and cloudy (feels like 14C)
  • 8pm (Take That due on stage 8.35pm) – 14C and sunny intervals (feels like 13C)
  • 9pm – 14C and sunny intervals (feels like 13C)
  • 10pm (gig finishes approx. 10.20pm) – 14C and clear night skies (feels like 13C)

The sunset time is 9.19pm. 

*Forecast last updated at 3pm on Friday May 24, 2024.

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Can I take an umbrella if it rains?

Umbrellas are on the list of prohibited items for concertgoers.

Middlesbrough FC say: “Unfortunately, umbrellas are on the list of prohibited items for safety reasons and so that they don’t block the viewing experience of fellow guests.

“We therefore advise you to pay particular attention to the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the expected conditions.”