Bruce Springsteen's highly anticipated show at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland got off to a bad start with delays due to awful weather.

Fans were queued up in the lashing rain as they waited to see the superstar live.

Many struggled getting to the stadium with issues at the Metro in Sunderland.

The show was delayed after attendance in the stadium looked sparce.

Arriving in Sunderland for the first time in 12 years, The Boss was meant to be greeted by the cheers of 45,000 people.

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There was gridlock at both Monument and Central Metro stations in Newcastle.

Queues were reported as far down as the Theatre Royal for Monument and there were difficulties at Central as travellers not even going to the concert were made to wait on the main concourse as staff tried to get people on trains as quickly as possible.

With all of those problems it was no wonder that at 6.30pm there was an announcement that the gig would have a new start time at 7.30pm.