It's set to be an overcast and slightly sunny weekend across the county this weekend as the Met Office predicts high temperatures set to peak at 17C.

Cloud and overcast weather remains as the primary forecast from the Met Office for County Durham and Darlington as the sunshine is set to peek through in small intervals.

On Saturday, locals can expect to feel the warmth from around 12pm onwards, as forecasters predict intermittent "sunny spells" with top north-eastern wind speeds of 10mph.

This remains mostly the same for Sunday, but temperatures are lower and will peak at just 14C with less than a 5% chance of rain predicted for most of the day.

Heading into next week, the weather is expected to stay mostly the same with "sunny intervals".

Here's the full weekend forecast:


9am: 13C with <5% chance of rain

10am: 14C with <5% chance of rain

11am: 15C with <5% chance of rain

12pm: 16C with <5% chance of rain

1pm: 16C with <5% chance of rain

2pm: 16C with <5% chance of rain

3pm: 17C with <5% chance of rain

4pm: 16C with <5% chance of rain

5pm: 16C with <5% chance of rain

6pm: 15C with <5% chance of rain

7pm: 14C with <5% chance of rain

8pm: 13C with <5% chance of rain

9pm: 12C with <5% chance of rain

10pm: 11C with <5% chance of rain

11pm: 11C with <5% chance of rain

The forecaster predicts: “A similar start on Saturday, with low cloud burning back to the coast to allow warm sunny spells for most.

“Markedly cooler on coasts where an onshore breeze persists. Maximum temperature 20 °C.”


10am: 10C with 10% chance of rain

1pm: 12C with <5% chance of rain

4pm: 14C with <5% chance of rain


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7pm: 13C with <5% chance of rain

10pm: 11C with 10% chance of rain

The forecaster predicts: “Dry, settled at first, with warm sunny spells by day but variable cloud at night. Cooler along coasts.

“Largely dry and sunny on Tuesday, some heavy showers over the hills.”