Two friends are officially Guinness World Record holders after their 111 hours pool-playing marathon last summer.

Colin Pilcher, 40, and Marc Murray, 37, spent four-and-a-half days playing the table-top game without going to sleep last July.

The pair received official confirmation this week (Tuesday, May 14) that their attempt had broken the record.

It’s the third time Colin, from Consett, and Marc, from Blyth, have held the title after breaking their own records set in 2011 and 2013.

Colin, who works in the police force, told The Northern Echo: “I was checking my emails and saw the email from them. The subject just showed ‘Guinness Application’.

The Northern Echo: The pair have held the record twice before.The pair have held the record twice before. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

“We’d had to send them more information a few months ago so I just thought they’d be asking for something else.

“When I opened it said our application had been approved!

“The first thing I did was tell the wife and Marc. We are still buzzing – it’s a canny achievement.

“Everyone we tell is buzzing. A lot of people went through it with us.

“Me and my wife are planning on going out on Saturday to celebrate.”

The challenge was no easy feat, with the lads playing almost non-stop from 7am on the Tuesday to 10pm on the Saturday night.

“We are thrilled to inform you that your application for longest marathon playing pool (singles) has been successful and you are now a Guinness World Record Title Holder,” an email Colin received this week says.

The Northern Echo: Marc struggled with his vision towards the end of the challenge.Marc struggled with his vision towards the end of the challenge. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

They are now awaiting delivery of their official certificates, which Colin hopes will arrive later this week.

“Marc started to lose his vision towards the end. I thought we’d have to stop but he managed to keep going,” Colin added.

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Asked whether they’ll be attempting to break the record for a fourth time he said: “Absolutely not!

“If you do any longer it’s starting to become a bit dangerous for your health. There’s only so much that your body can take.”

The pair completed the challenge at Hooch’s Snooker and Pool Lounge in Consett and raised money for The National Deaf Children's Society and If You Care Share Foundation.