An appeal has been launched to reunite a lost pup with its owners after it was found wandering the streets last night.

Wardens from Durham County Council found the pooch outside of the Manor House in Ferryhill on Tuesday (May 14).

Unfortunately, the dog is not microchipped and didn't have a collar on - meaning there is no way to find out who it belongs to.

The Northern Echo: The stray dog.The stray dog. (Image: DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL)

The dog, which appears to be a Chihuahua breed, has distinctive orange ears and speckled fur but is mostly white.

It has now been transported to the council's kennel provider with hopes its owner will come forward.

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Wardens said: "Neighbourhood Wardens have picked up this dog that was found running on the road outside of the Manor House, Ferryhill.

"Unfortunately the dog was not microchipped and had no collar with an identity tag therefore was transported to our kennelling provider.

"If you find a Stray Dog, please keep them secure if possible and report them to us by calling 03000 260 00."