Burglars have smashed the display window of a popular Darlington shop and stolen several bottles. 

Angels Cut Bar & Shop on Duke Street posted pictures of the ruined exterior along with a plea to residents to ask them to support the shop.

Kendra Fry, the manager of the shop, said they were "absolutely gutted" to find the shop in such a state.

Pictures from the scene show jagged glass edges surrounding a massive hole in the front window.

Several bottles were stolen from the front display.

The Northern Echo: Angels Cut Bar & Bottle Shop

Kendra expects the window to remain boarded up for at least a week while they wait for replacement glass.

She said: "Running a business is very hard, it’s made even harder when your shop window is smashed on purpose and items stolen.

"It’s the first time in five years this has happened. We also had bottles taken from the cabinets on display but it could have been massively worse.

The Northern Echo: Angels Cut Bar & Bottle Shop

"A day spent so far sorting things out and waiting for a window company to come out and make this good and safe but it’s not a quick fix.

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"We are going to open as normal Tuesday to Thursday from 5pm, Friday from 3pm and Saturday from 12pm (plus Sunday) and we are very much looking forward to the planned music weekend.

"We are absolutely gutted. We need a bespoke glass size so it will probably be a week or so before it is replaced.

"Please support our small business as we aren’t closed even though our window will be boarded up until be get it re-glazed."