This is the moment that the Navy exploded a Second World War bomb on a Seaham beach.

Emergency services were called into action yesterday at 12.20pm yesterday and a closure was put in place at Noses Point car park.

The A182 was briefly re-opened before it was closed again when the police announced that there would be a controlled explosion in Seaham.

The initial police statement explained that an MOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was at the scene.

By 3.43pm the bomb had been carefully detonated underwater as the footage shows below.

Releasing the video, a Hartlepool Coastguard Rescue Team spokesperson said: "Thank you to everyone's patience around Nose's Point today as we worked with the Navy Bomb Disposal team and Seaham Coastguard to deal with an unexploded WW2 bomb.

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"As the video shows, even historic ordnance is extremely dangerous and if discovered follow these steps:

-Do not move or touch

- Move back to a safe location