Dog lovers looking for a new best friend will be happy to learn there are dozens of dogs up for adoption in Darlington.

Dogs Trust Darlington have plenty of rescue dogs looking for a forever home this month.

We have compiled a list of five pups hoping to bring some light into their new owner's lives.


The Northern Echo: Tucker Credit: DOGS TRUST

Tucker, a 2-5 years old Spaniel (Cocker) Cross, is a fun-loving animal with a keen appetite for training activities.

He's a lover of toys and food, cherishes having his own personal space, and needs owners who will allow him to adjust at his own pace.

He prefers to live in a house solo, without any other pets or children, and will require a calm environment with not too many visitors.


The Northern Echo: Plum Credit: DOGS TRUST

Plum, a 3-year-old Bulldog Cross, is eagerly seeking a home where she can be warmly welcomed and quick to settle.

Plum needs a family who do not mind her boisterous nature, which may include occasional jumping up at humans in excitement.

She loves meeting new people and will always greet individuals with an enthusiastic wiggling of her tail. She also has the potential to live with another well-behaved dog and children aged eight and above, following successful introductions.


The Northern Echo: Bobby Credit: DOGS TRUST

Bobby, a young German Shepherd Cross, who is still under a year old, is as sweet as they come.

However, he can feel a little unsure when meeting someone new, and will need a home with teenagers aged 14 and above who can give him the space he needs when necessary.

He could potentially live with another calm dog, provided a successful introduction is made.


The Northern Echo: Rebel Credit: DOGS TRUST

Rebel, another young one-year-old Retriever (Labrador), is looking for a patient and understanding family. Standing tall to his name, rebel can feel slightly anxious when he comes across new dogs, but has the potential to live with another calm, confident dog following a successful introduction. His love for toys and food will undoubtedly help him ease into his new place.


The Northern Echo: Milo Credit: DOGS TRUST

Lastly, Milo is a slightly older Terrier (Bedlington) aged between 5-7 years. He can be a bit shy when meeting new people and is in an urgent search for an adult-only home. Given a couple of introductions, his loving personality soon shines through. He could potentially share a home with another calm dog, provided some care is taken around food resources.

These dogs all have their own unique quirks but share a common need for a loving home. Their playful energy and unmatched loyalty make them wonderful companions waiting to share their love with a family.

All five dogs are currently residing at the Darlington Dogs Trust and are eagerly awaiting their forever homes. Do you have space in your heart and home for one of these pups?