​Pronouncing place names is a rabbit hole - when it comes to making sure you get the correct way or face ridicule, especially if you're from near that place. 

Sometimes the more confident you are with saying it, the more you struggle with the pronunciation.

In County Durham, there are plenty of places that are tough to pronounce - while we've also included the place name 'Durham' itself - because some pronounce it 'Dur-am' and some pronounce it 'Dur-ham'

We have put together the five most commonly mispronounced County Durham locations we can think of.

However, if you think of one and it springs to mind straight away, please let us know in the comments section. 

Here are the most mispronounced locations we can think of:

  • Tow Law - 'To-W Law'
  • Wolsingham - 'wol·zuhng·uhm'
  • Witton Gilbert - 'Witton Jill-bert'
  • Durham – 'Dur-um'
  • Witton-le-Wear/Howden-le-Wear - 'Wee-ar'