A man who broke into his ex-partner’s house out of an act of ‘spite’ before driving at a police officer as he tried to flee the scene has been jailed.

Christopher Martin was caught on a Ring doorbell by his ex as he burgled her home, stealing a TV, two drills and bank cards before taking his victim's car.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the woman called the police while the burglary unfolded before her eyes.

Cainan Lonsdale, prosecuting, said the 38-year-old left a note in the house for his partner to find when she returned home saying ‘just so you know, I saw you the other night’.

After leaving the house with the stolen items he is seem getting into his victim’s VW Beetle and reversing from the driveway as the police arrived on the scene.

Mr Lonsdale added: “The police officer tried to stop him and held his hand out in front of him and shouted at him to stop.

“Instead of stopping, he accelerated towards the officer and he had to take some evasive actions. As a result, the officer smashed the window with his baton to try and get him to stop.”

The court heard how Martin was taken to hospital due to concerns about his level of intoxication but he became aggressive and spat at a security officer when they tried to escort him from the building.

Mr Lonsdale said the defendant was remanded in custody a few days after he was charged following the burglary when he returned to the victim’s home.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said she was now too scared to stay in her home on her own as she no longer feels safe.

The Northern Echo: Christopher MartinChristopher Martin (Image: Durham Constabulary)

Martin, of Barden Moor Road, Darlington, pleaded guilty to burglary, careless driving, assault emergency worker, driving without insurance and driving without a licence following his actions on November 15 last year.

Victoria Lamballe, mitigating, said her client carried out the burglary ‘out of spite’ rather than for financial gain.

She said: “When the relationship came to an end, the defendant became increasingly dependent on drink and his addiction to drugs spiralled out of control.”

Recorder Andrew Dallas told the defendant that his actions had significantly impacted on his victim’s life, leaving her fearing for her safety.

He said: “You went to her home but you knew you had no business to go into – whether it was out of spite or inquisitive, I don’t know but neither reflects well on you.

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The Northern Echo:

“You got in and stole a television, two drills and bank cards whilst she helplessly watches through CCTV or doorbell footage.

“She was able to experience this in real time.”

Martin was sentenced to a total of 980 days – approximately two years and eight months – for all offences.

He was also banned from driving for 672 days.