Schools have been urged to remain ‘vigilant’ after a con artist workman offered to go over their parking lanes with ‘left-over paint’ - before demanding huge payments.

Police said at least eight schools across North Yorkshire had been targeted with the same scam by a man who purported to be from the Highways Agency.

As part of his ruse, he claimed to have "leftover line-painting material" and offered to touch up their parking bays and zebra crossings.

But after one school in the Hambleton area agreed to the apparent kind gesture, the man then demanded excessive payments for the work, which was substandard.

Police said the school refused to hand over any money and reported the white-skinned but tanned man, who is around 6ft tall and aged about 25 to 30.

They later revealed that a further seven schools in the York and Scarborough areas had since contacted them to say they had also been targeted.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “While on this occasion it appears schools are being targeted, other organisations such as churches, hospitals, sports clubs and private businesses - anywhere with car parks really - need to be vigilant.”

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Social media users shared their shock at his brazen attempts to make money from schools.

One wrote: “How did he think the school would pay him. Was the headmaster gonna pay in cash. No organisation deals in cash it's all contracts etc.”

Another joked: “This definitely crosses a line...”