A Sunderland business telecoms provider set up by three former colleagues has opened a third North East office just three years since its launch and after seeing turnover surpass £3million.

LM Global Telecoms, which provides mobile, wi-fi and fixed-line telecoms solutions to businesses and charities across the world, has opened a new 1,254 sq ft office at Waterfront House, Sunderland.

The office, which will house 18 employees, follows a successful year for the business in which its turnover surpassed £3million and its portfolio grow to include clients from three new continents, Europe, Asia and North America.

Terry Lewis, co-founder and managing director, said: “I know it’s a cliché, but it’s been a real rollercoaster ride for everyone associated with the company since we set up.

“We always knew that we had the skills and experience between us to go it alone and to have a real good go at setting up on our own, but never in a million years would we have expected it to grow at the pace it has.

“We’re all from the North East and so to be able to sit here now, with three offices in each of its three cities and serving clients across the globe, fills us with great pride and gives us real confidence for the future.”

Terry set up LM Global Telecoms alongside co-founders Gary Luther and Mike Mead after the trio’s former employer was acquired by a national telecoms provider and closed its only regional office.

Fast-forward three years and the trio now have three offices of their own and have created jobs for 35 people, a number of which had previously found themselves in a similar position where their previous employers had been acquired by national providers.

“As a small business, we’ve been able to create bespoke, flexible plans for our clients by combining the best offers from multiple networks and providers, which has made us a lot more competitive, especially in the current economic climate. It’s been a real driver in our growth," said Gary.

With its third office now in operation and its turnover expected to exceed £5,000,000 in 2024-2025, the trio have high hopes for the future.

Mike said: “We’ve been really fortunate that our commitment to establishing and retaining physical offices in the region, as well as offering a benefits such as giving our staff every other Friday off work, has helped us attract some really talented and experienced people who have been the real driving force behind our success so far.

“Having grown year-on-year, our plan is to now to utilise their expertise to launch a series of new products and services for our clients, as well as creating more jobs to help more people get into the industry, which is something the three of us are incredibly passionate about.

“We all started our careers as young people in the industry here in the North East, so to be able to help the next generation follow in our footsteps by working in such an exciting sector is something we’re really keen to ensure as we continue growing.”