Hoskins in Darlington is already being treated to a £400,000 renovation as new owners look to move into the town centre premises.

Jonny Brewbaker, the lead contractor, revealed that almost everything in the building was being replaced from the flooring to the bar.

The premises is being taken over by a "local group" who are hoping to finish the work in six weeks time.

Looking through the windows you can see the flooring has all been taken up and the bar has already been completely torn up.

Mr Brewbaker said: "The new owners have already started.

"They are part of a local group but they wouldn't want us to reveal who they are yet.

"They have ordered a full refurbishment. There will be a new bar, new flooring, new kitchen and new toilets. 

"Literally everything will be coming out and new ones going back in. It is £400,000 of work.

"We think it should take six weeks."

The Northern Echo:

Posting on social media yesterday, the pub management said: "That’s all Folks!! We would like to thank all who have visited us over the years.

"The reality has hit, and it’s time to call it a day. The Hoskins is no more. We wish the new owners of the building the best of luck. The builders have moved in.

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"Thank you all for the incredible memories, Team Hoskins."

The pub is well-known among revellers in Darlington, many of whom visit the venue, before going on to the town's many nightclubs. 

Hoskins, formerly called Humphrys, was renamed after Darlington's greatest and most distinctive architect GG Hoskins.