Stallholders at Darlington's Food and Drink Festival have hailed the weekend as a great success so far.

Foodies hungry for great tasting grub and sweet treats have stepped out and visited Darlington's Market Square this weekend for its food and drink festival.

Over 20 stalls are scattered across the square for the event which is taking place from May 3-6 across the bank holiday weekend.

Everything from sickly sweet chocolatey brownies to a wide variety of cheese, chutneys and scotch eggs have been up for grabs as pictures from one day show attendees tucking in and enjoying the atmosphere.

One stallholder at the event was Steel River Gin from Stockton who had an abundance of different flavoured gins and vodkas available to take home.

The Northern Echo: Shaun Lawson running the Steel River Gin stall.Shaun Lawson running the Steel River Gin stall. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Amongst the flavours available was raspberry ripple, club Tropicana and cherry bomb - but the most popular so far this weekend has been salted caramel.

"It has been brilliant so far," said Shaun Lawson who is manning the stall this weekend.

"Yesterday was just manic, and today it has been nice and steady too. I'm happy the weather has held up for us.

"It has been brilliant to see this many people out. I have even heard that some have travelled as far as from Leeds to be here today which is fantastic!"

Another stall was Newcastle business Bake for the Soul selling various flavours of cakes, brownies and bread manned by Greg Humphreyson who was impressed by the turnout.

The Northern Echo: Greg Humphreyson running the Bake for the Soul stall.Greg Humphreyson running the Bake for the Soul stall. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The stall was seeing an influx of business on Sunday afternoon and gained notoriety for their range of vegan, gluten and dairy free treats.

"The event was good yesterday, better than I think any of us expected it to be," said Greg.

"I sold out a day and a half's worth of stock yesterday. The festival here in Darlington has just been class - lots of friendly people and really well organised."

The Northern Echo: Lydia Dunn from Seaham with her business Bites.Lydia Dunn from Seaham with her business Bites. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

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Lydia Dunn from Seaham also set up shop for the weekend with her business Bites - selling bite sized segments of popular desserts in pots.

Nutella blondies, kinder brownies, mars bar crispy cakes and old school cake were just a few delicious treats on the menu.

Lydia said: "Business was really brilliant on Saturday and it has been the same today. It's really nice to see people coming out to town for the event!"