A cosmic themed Darlington coffee shop marked Star Wars Day in style today with an annual family event serving up an out of this world beverage.

Clarks Yard in Darlington was bustling this morning (May 4) as keen Star Wars fans queued up to attend Echo 3 coffee's yearly event to pay homage to the film saga.

The annual celebration was chosen from word play upon the iconic Star Wars movie quote "May the force be with you" and is marked each year by fans across the world.

The Northern Echo: Echo 3 Star Wars Day 2024.Echo 3 Star Wars Day 2024. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Part of Echo 3's fun day involves raising money for charity, which this year is Mac my Day - set up to support 9-year-old Macaulay Stuart who lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Funds will also go to North East Legion - a regional group of Star Wars fans.

Face painters, raffles, blue milk and star wars themed bakes were all a part of the celebration - including blue milk from the Star Wars series.

Also known as Bantha Milk, the bright blue beverage is, according to customers, cotton candy flavoured and was clearly popular as people queued for up to half an hour to get their hands on it.

The Northern Echo: Leanne and Stephen Round with their two boys Samuel and George Leanne and Stephen Round with their two boys Samuel and George  (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Leanne and Stephen Round with their two boys Samuel and George were just one of the families in the queue.

Leanne said: "We come every year - it's an amazing day. We're all big Star Wars fans."

Youngsters Samuel and George were dressed in their best costumes for the big day and were raring to go - colourful lightsabres in hand, of course.

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The Northern Echo: Seb Dale.Seb Dale. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Further down was youngster Seb Dale who donned a Darth Vader costume for his second year at Echo 3's May 4 extravaganza. 

Seb's mum told the Echo: "I think it's a great event for the town and Star Wars fans."