Ben Houchen has won a third term as Tees Valley Mayor despite a swing in the vote to Labour and bad results in the local elections nationally for the Conservatives.

At 12.20pm the results from Stockton were announced and Lord Houchen was declared the winner of the contest with 54 per cent of the votes.

His competitors Chris McEwan for Labour and Simon Thorley for the Liberal Democrats received 41 per cent and five per cent respectively.

Lord Houchen emphasised how thankful he was to everybody who voted for him in his victory speech and told those who didn't that he hoped by working hard he could win the votes of those who didn't at the next election.

The Northern Echo: Chris McEwan and Ben Houchen

He said: "I’m delighted, thank you for giving me your backing. Thank you for backing me over the last seven years and thank you for backing my plan for the next four years.

"We have run a very positive campaign, we have tried to show a vision for what we want for our area. We wanted to show how we can change our region for the better.

"There is still a long way to go. For as long as I am mayor I will continue to work as hard as I possibly can for everybody.

"For those of you who didn’t vote for me that I absolutely fine, I will work doubly hard to make sure that I secure your vote in four years time.

The Northern Echo:

"Let’s keep on going, let’s keep pushing, let’s deliver more jobs, more investment. Again I just want to thank everybody."

Lord Houchen did have a celebration with the Prime Minister at Teesside Airport after the result, but earlier in the day he did not rule out working with a Labour government following a general election.

He told Sky News: "If there's a change of government I'll work with anyone."

Here is a breakdown of the Tees Valley mayoral election:


Ben Houchen - 14,233

Chris McEwan - 10,014

Simon Thorley - 1,849


Ben Houchen - 28,351

Chris McEwan - 19,631

Simon Thorley - 1,829

Redcar and Cleveland 

Ben Houchen - 15,987

Chris McEwan - 12,015

Simon Thorley - 1,639


Ben Houchen - 10,074

Chris McEwan - 8,732

Simon Thorley - 972


Ben Houchen - 13,285

Chris McEwan - 12,749

Simon Thorley - 1,390

Following the result Chris McEwan explained that he thought Lord Houchen was very well resourced and had the benefit of being the incumbent.

He was defiant when asked if Labour could win parliamentary seats in Teesside that they had lost in 2019.

Mr McEwan said: "I have been fighting an incumbent who has been well resourced and who has distanced himself from Rishi Sunak.

"The issues about being more open and transparent came up time and time again on the doorstep.

"I suspect they will continue to turn up on the doorstep when we are campaigning in a general election.

"I back Keir Starmer’s call to have a general election. Enthusiasm for a general election was also mentioned many times on the doorstep.

The Northern Echo: Chris McEwan

"Today we saw a 17 per cent swing and it would take a 12 per cent swing to bring back parliamentary seats in the area to Labour.

"I’m confident that with the team locally and the support nationally we can do it.

"There is a recognition that the Labour party has changed and that this is a time for change after 14 years of Conservative government."

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