Joy Allen has been re-elected as Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for County Durham and Darlington. 

The Labour candidate retained her role after receiving 66,752 votes following the election on Thursday. Conservative candidate Robert Potts came second with 37,773 votes, while Nigel Boddy of the Liberal Democrats received 14,678 votes. 

PCC Allen, a former councillor and mayor of Bishop Auckland, was first elected in 2021. Then, she won by a margin of just over three thousand votes. 

Turnout for the election was 25.86%, down by almost 10% on 2021’s election. It was the first year that the first-past-the-post voting system was used.

The Northern Echo: Joy Allen with Labour members following the result Joy Allen with Labour members following the result (Image: The Northern Echo)

PCCs are elected officials whose job is to help ensure police forces function effectively, but not to run those forces themselves. They hold police forces to account and scrutinise their performances on behalf of the public.

Speaking after her election, PCC Allen said: “I’m overwhelmed with the public’s support. After three years as a PCC, this is where we are judged by the public, and they’ve given me a resounding thumbs up with the work I’ve been doing. 

“I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to continue in this role, delivering what matters to the public, and making County Durham and Darlington safer, stronger and more resilient. 

“There’s a massive amount of work to do going forward but I can’t wait to continue.”

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PCC Allen’s win comes after Labour enjoyed success in the North East mayoral election, where the party’s candidate Kim McGuinness was elected. The opportunity to work in partnership with Labour leaders across the region was hailed by PCC Allen as a positive step. 

She added: “Often some of the policies in Westminster don’t apply to people here in County Durham and Darlington. PCC’s and mayors have a loud voice and it allows us to speak up for and support the area. 

“Collaborative working can only be a better thing to help deliver results that matter for residents.”