Rumours that newly introduced charges at one County Durham seafront car park are set to be revoked are "inaccurate" the council has said.

Motorists visiting six car parks down the County Durham coast have since April 15 been paying £1 per hour or £3 to park all day.

The scheme was passed in February by Durham County Council despite thousands of objections in a bid to bring the town "in line" with other coastal destinations across the region.

The car parks that currently have charges are:

  • Seaham Hall Beach 
  • Vane Tempest
  • Terrace Green
  • Seaham Marina
  • Dock Top
  • Noses Point 

However, rumours on social media have recently surfaced suggesting that charges in one car park, that being Crimdon Beach, were to be revoked. 

But, Durham County Council have quashed this notion, instead saying that their introduction was delayed and motorists are currently not being charged unlike others further up the coast.

A Durham County Council spokesperson said: "It is inaccurate to say charges at Crimdon have been “revoked and removed” – as no charges are currently in place.

"Proposals to introduce charges at Crimdon Dene coastal car park were included in the consultation we held in October/November 2023 and a number of comments were received.

Read more on the parking charges:

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"We have listened to the comments and drawn-up a revised proposal for the car park which retains the proposed introduction of parking charges of up to £1 for an hour and £3 for a full day throughout the coastal car park plus an additional proposal to introduce “No Waiting at Any Time” restrictions to prevent obstructive parking.

"We are currently seeking views of statutory consultees on this revised proposal and have circulated information to them. We will be carrying out formal consultation in due course."

Work including installing bays and payment meters took place at the start of April - and some meters were even vandalised just days after the charges came into force.