Ben Houchen has won the Tees Valley Mayoral Election and secured a third term in the post, it has been confirmed.

It has been revealed the Conservative today (May 3) triumphed over Labour opponent Chris McEwan across the Tees Valley albeit a reduced majority from 2021.

The incumbent Mayor, who was first elected into the post in 2017, and has this time around won again with a majority of 18,789.

Following the announcement, Lord Houchen said: "I am absolutely humbled by everyone who voted for me. Teesside is a place where I was born and grew up in.

"To be re-elected for a third term in my home, in my community is the greatest honour that anyone could ever give me.

"To anyone that voted for me, it's a very proud day, thank you for giving me your backing for the last seven years and thank you for backing my plan for the next four years.

"We have ran a very positive campaign and have tried to create a vision we want for our area, we hav tried to show how we can change our region for the better.

"Let's be clear there is still a long way to go but we are making good progress. For as long as I am mayor I will continue to work as hard as I possibly can for everyone.

"For those who didn't vote for me, that's fine, I'll spend the next four years working doubly hard to secure your vote in the next four years.

"Let's keep on going, let's keep pushing for a better Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool. More jobs, more investment."

Speaking to media at the count, Labour's candidate Chris McEwan said: "The issues about being more open and transparent did come up on the doorstep and I suspect they will continue to come up as we move into campaigning for the general election.

"There is a recognition on the doorstep that the Labour party has changed and that now is a time for change after 14 years of Conservative government.

"Time and time again, I have heard it's time for change - I'm sick of these lot."

The full results for the Tees Valley Mayor Count are: 

Ben Houchen: 81,930 (54%)

Chris McEwan: 63,141 (41%)

Thorley: 7,679 (5%)

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Ben Houchen denied that he had shied away from campaigning as a Conservative or mentioning Rishi Sunak in his campaign literature during the Tees Valley mayoral contest.

He told Sky News: “We absolutely don’t shy away from that at all, and Rishi’s been up during the campaign and we have always said Rishi’s been a great friend to the people of Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool.”

He added that the Prime Minister had been “a huge champion for this area”.

Ben Houchen declined to declare victory in the Tees Valley mayoral election despite Labour conceding defeat.

He told Sky News: “I would never take anything for granted and we are going to see over the next hour how the results turn out.”

Here is the voter breakdown by area:

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