Police are trying to trace a group of riders on electric motorbikes after they terrorised a residential area of a North East town. 

Chester-le-Street police are appealing for information after a group of irresponsible riders were spotted on electric motorbikes in the Gibside Area of Chester-le-Street.

One rider narrowly avoided serious injury on Waldridge Road after crossing from Second Avenue without looking, causing a car to emergency stop to prevent a serious collision.

The Northern Echo:

The police have recently attended three motorcycle and electric bike incidents that have left young males with life-changing injuries, and expressed their concerns that these bikes are not being used responsibly and are posing serious risks to both the riders and members of the public.

“These are not toys,” a police spokesperson said, “and are being ridden in a manner which carries serious risks to both the rider and members of the public. If you have any information relating to the riders or these bikes, please contact 101 or use our online services.”