New plans have been announced for a new roller rink, soft play area, swimming pool, bowling alley, and other facilities.

Those behind the proposals for the Durham Arena development, planned for a site near Dalton Park in Seaham, have said the project will not negatively affect the shopping centre.

They said the arena will comprise a 15,000-seater music venue, which will also be used for boxing, darts and family entertainment.

The site will also house a 20,000 square-foot gym, food court, micro bars, hotel and ‘national restaurants.’

A spokesperson said: “The arena will comprise of a mixture of sporting facilities that will include a Roller Skating Rink, 20,000sq ft children’s Nursery/Creche Soft play, 20,000sq ft Gym, 25m swimming pool, Bowling alley, Climbing wall, Dance academy, Multi sports hall, Conference centre, Food court, Micro bars, Snooker/Pool, Music academy, Virtual darts, Dog Training studio, Indoor bowling green, along with Hotel, National restaurants to cater for all tastes. 

“The arena will not be detrimental to Dalton Park ie- it will be mainly used for concerts at night after Dalton Park is closed so it will not harm traffic.

“The leisure facilities were initially approved at Dalton Park several years ago but never came to fruition.

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“The new arena would further enhance the area with much needed further development and construction, leisure and another 1,000+ jobs in a former devastated pit area which at the time lost 11,000 jobs which would further regenerate the area and bring much needed jobs.” 

Parking will consist of over 3,000 spaces and include EV charging services. 

Durham Arena and Leisure Ltd is a company formed by Mr Alex Bastholm who created the Dalton Park outlet.