A former police officer is facing a disciplinary hearing accused of sharing sensitive information from a murder investigation with a suspect’s family.

PC Russell Robson was part of a major operation attempting to locate two people wanted in connection with a murder in August 2022.

Cleveland Police has released information about their former officer’s alleged behaviour ahead of his misconduct hearing next week.

The details, posted on the force’s website, state that a briefing took place at Guisborough Police Station and armed response units were deployed to a number of addresses including one referred to as ‘address one’. Those units were supported by local unarmed officers.

The notice reads: “The officer was instructed by his sergeant to remain in the area on an adjacent road to the properties which the Armed Response Units were to be deployed. The officer was instructed by the sergeant not to attend any of the addresses unless called to do so.

“The officer attended the road on which address one is located and disclosed policing information to the mother of one of the suspects/person A and the sister of the same suspect/person B.

“Armed Response Units attended address one at approximately 16.00hrs.

“The officer was contacted by the sergeant over point-to-point call via radio approximately 16.26hrs, the sergeant asked why the officer had attended the address and who the officer had spoken to. The officer denied that he had spoken with anyone.

“The sergeant challenged the officer and the officer confirmed that he had not entered the road on which address one is located and that he had not spoken with anyone.”

As a result, the force alleges that the ex-Cleveland officer breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour.

Allegation One

The officer was asked by the sergeant whether he attended the road on which address one was located and whether he had spoken with any person. The officer stated he had not attended the location and an had not spoken with anyone.

This was dishonest and/or misleading as the officer had attended the road on which address one is located and had spoken with Person A and Person B.

The standard in relation to honesty and integrity demands that police officers are honest, act with integrity and do not compromise or abuse their position.

Allegation Two

The officer disclosed operational policing information to members of the public, namely Person A and Person B.

The standard in relation to confidentiality, demands that police officers treat information with respect and access or disclose it only in the proper course of police duties.

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The Northern Echo:

The force states, that if proven, these breaches of the standards of professional behaviour are so serious that they individually and cumulatively amount to gross misconduct.

If the case is proven then the former officer will be barred from working for any other police force in the country.

The hearing takes place on Tuesday, April 30, in Stockton.

For further details visit the force website.