Voters have been issued a final warning to ensure they have the correct form of ID to take part in next week’s local, mayoral and police commissioner elections. 

Nearly 2,700 council seats in England are up for grabs across 107 local authorities on May 2, while 37 police and crime commissioners in England and Wales will be chosen.

Polls are also taking place to elect some of the most high-profile mayors in the country, including Greater Manchester, London and the West Midlands.

All those eligible to vote in England and Wales will be able to cast a ballot in at least one type of election next Thursday (May 2).

But voters will need to ensure they have the correct identification when they attend their local polling station or risk being turned away.

What forms of ID are accepted at polling stations?

Accepted forms of photo ID at polling stations for local, mayoral and police commissioner elections, according to the Electoral Commission, include:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Blue Badge
  • PASS card
  • Various forms of SmartPass (issued in Northern Ireland)
  • Other government issued documents (e.g. biometric immigration document)

You can use out of date photo ID, according to the Electoral Commission, "as long as it looks like you" and the name on your ID is the same you used to register to vote.

You can see the full list of accepted forms of photo ID on the Electoral Commission website.

The Electoral Commission added: "You will only need to show one form of photo ID. It needs to be the original version and not a photocopy."

If you don't have an accepted form of photo ID you can apply for a free voter ID document, known as a voter authority certificate.

Voters without photo ID issued final warning

Anyone without the correct form of photo ID looking to take part in next week’s local, mayoral and police commissioner elections have just a few hours left to apply for a voter authority certificate.

People who do not have any of the right forms of ID need to apply for the special certificate by 5pm on Wednesday (April 24).

This can be done online via the UK Government website here.

Director of communication, policy and research at the Electoral Commission, Craig Westwood, said: “The deadline to apply for free voter ID is today at 5pm.

“Anyone who needs it should get their application in as soon as they can.

“The free ID helps ensure that everyone is able to take part in the May elections, even if they don’t currently have an accepted form of photo ID.


“It doesn’t take long to apply and there is information and support available from the Electoral Commission and your local authority.”

Photo ID rules were brought in as part of the Elections Act 2022, with the Government saying they are necessary to combat the risk of in-person voter fraud.

The requirements were first enforced at last year’s local elections in England.