A devastated dog owner is warning other pet owners to be vigilant after her dog died after eating something toxic while out on a walk at a beauty spot just an hours drive from Darlington.

Manni Peacock, of Bingley, who runs the Muddy Paws Walking and Boarding Service, lost her dog Bear earlier this month when he fell ill after eating something on a walk at Lindley Wood Reservoir near Otley.

And since posting on her Facebook page about the tragic death, Manni has been inundated with more reports about other dogs falling ill, with at least one, Winston, owned by James Bevan, of Leeds, also sadly dying after again eating something toxic in the same area a few weeks later.

A devastated Manni has reported the incidents to both the police and Yorkshire Water, and is now warning all dog owners to be aware, so they can keep away or keep their dogs on the lead in this area.

She said: "Bear meant so much to our whole family, he brought every single one of us something different. I don't want this happening to any other family. We are devastated."

The Northern Echo: BearBear (Image: submitted)

Manni started her walk with Cockerpoo Bear from Lindley Woods on Sunday, March 31. Accompanied by a friend and other dogs, they did a circular walk around Lindley Reservoir, which is owned by Yorkshire Water.

Towards the end of the walk, she noticed Bear had disappeared and had to shout for him to return, which is when she thinks he ate something poisonous.

The following day, which was bank holiday Monday, she noticed Bear was lapping lots of water, had been sick and appeared very limp.

She made an appointment for him to see a vet on Tuesday morning but his condition deteriorated rapidly that morning and he began fitting.

The Northern Echo: Manni Peacock and Bear Manni Peacock and Bear (Image: submitted)

When the vet saw Bear he was so unwell they talked about euthanasia. "I begged them to do anything to help him," said Manni. "They didn't have the facilities to put him on a drip so we took him to the other practice and they put him on a drip. We left him there and hoped he was going to pull through."

However tests revealed levels to do with his kidneys were really high and he had eaten something very toxic, causing kidney damage and nothing could be done to save him.

"I was just in shock, it was like a nightmare," she said. "Since then I have been sharing it far and wide trying to spread awareness so nobody else has to go through this. Our house feels empty, I can't bear to put his things away."

Winston's owner James Bevan believes he ate something poisonous on Sunday, April 7, during a walk at Lindley Wood Reservoir.

Despite treatment, which included taking him to Royal Veterinary College QMA in London for dialysis, Winston sadly died.

Determined to find out what had happened to Winston, James began looking for other dog owners who might have also been affected and came across Manni's posts online about Bear.

James said: "Other dog walkers have reported similar stories of their dogs becoming unwell, we don't know conclusively what that is but there is definitely a risk.

"I'd advise others to avoid walking with your dogs along Lindley Wood Reservoir. If you are going to walk there, keep your dog on a lead, be vigilant and if you do suspect that your dog has eaten something or come into contact with something that they shouldn't have take them to the vets immediately. Ultimately it's not going to bring him back but I'm just hoping we can stop it happening to somebody else."

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “We are saddened to hear of these incidents, which we were made aware of via social media. Our colleagues have not found anything suspicious at the reservoir, but we would encourage the dog owners to reach out to our customer service team and share specific details of where they were walking at the time so we can establish if this was on land owned by Yorkshire Water, and if so, support with any required investigation.

"In the meantime, we would continue to urge walkers and owners to remain vigilant and keep their dogs on a lead when walking around our reservoirs, for their safety, and the safety of surrounding wildlife.”

North Yorkshire Police has been contacted for comment.