A new vendor is opening in the Darlington Indoor Market next month.

Haus of Bratwurste will open its doors in the old SiDeS unit in Darlington Market on May 1.

It will act as a kitchen for the front cafe unit (formerly Bumble Crumble), which will be a specialist beer bar of the same name.

The street food concept looks to offer its customers Eastern European foods alongside German beers – with the Bratwurst taking the spotlight.

A spokesperson for the new venue said: “We’ve been really busy behind the scenes but we are thrilled to announce Haus of Bratwurste will be opening imminently in Darlington Market.

“Our dine in venue and our street food concept is all about Eastern European foods and German beers, and of course the Bratwurst and the pretzels.

“Our menus have been carefully put together and these will be shared shortly.”

It joins another new arrival, Harry’s Burger Joint, headed by the previous owners of SiDeS, as more vendors open their doors at the market.

Speaking on Harry’s opening, owner Ory Vanes, said “It’s all about fresh produce, we don’t like to skimp on produce we use, we don’t like to use frozen when we don’t need to use it.

“Originally, we were on North Road, we only did night service, so it was takeaways only.

“Once we found out Spud Gun were leaving here, we changed from our original business plan to then implement fresh fries into the business, as well as loaded tater tots and smash burgers.

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“It’s been fantastic, people have come over to us to see if we’re still the same, we say no, explain who we are.

“The reception we’ve had from people has been fantastic. They love the idea of fresh fries, it’s sort of similar to what Five Guys do.

“Don’t automatically assume we’re a greasy spoon, we’re not a greasy takeaway, we’re a fresh food-fed business, and that’s what it’s all about.”