Plans have been approved for a new “high quality” village hall on the outskirts of Hartlepool to replace an existing “dilapidated and inefficient” structure.

Proposals had been submitted to Hartlepool Borough Council's planning department to demolish Dalton Piercy Village Hall and build a replacement site in its place.

The application from Michael Patrick, of Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, stated works would replace the “dilapidated and inefficient” property with a new “fit for purpose accessible community building”.

The proposals went before the latest meeting of the council’s planning committee on Wednesday (April 17), where they were unanimously approved, in line with recommendations from officers.

David Johnson, planning agent speaking in support of the proposals, said the development would provide “a high-quality facility built to current day standards”.

He added: “The existing building is expensive to heat due to thermal inefficiencies and lack of insulation and suffers from significant condensation and damp problems associated with it.

“The new facility will be considered more attractive for community use and to be hired out for local groups and events, which will contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the property going forward.”

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Three letters of objection had been received by the council over the proposals, raising concerns over increased vehicle access damaging the ground, ecology issues and the new building being “overbearing”.

Resident Chris Robinson also spoke at the meeting stating although he was not opposed to the new development, mitigations must be in place to ensure damage does not occur to a neighbouring wall during construction.

Council planners said a construction management condition will be in place as part of the approval, and ruled that overall the proposal is “acceptable in principle”.