An anti-ageing scientist will be leading a session on wellness and longevity at a North East country hotel.

The event, at Matfen Hall in Northumberland, is set to begin at 6pm on Monday, April 29 with a pilates class led by Newcastle-based health and fitness coach LYB Longevity.

This will be followed by Dr Nichola Conlon giving a lecture on anti-ageing at 7pm.

The Northern Echo: Tips on how to slow down the ageing process will be the focus of an event in Maften Hall

Dr Conlon, who found Nuchido Laboartories, looks to use her expertise to share the secrets of achieving an optimal life experience.

She specialises in the study of cellular ageing and will be sharing scientific developments around ways to age well.

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The evening is described as catering to all abilities and will give guests the chance to reset their minds and bodies.

Guests will finish the evening receiving a nutritious two-course dinner that will align with the event's goals of wellness and longevity.

Tickets for the event are currently priced at £125 and can be purchased directly through Matfen Hall.