Several Darlington drivers have said that they will be boycotting a petrol station in the town after taking issue with the store's cashless policy. 

It was announced at the start of this year that Asda Darlington would be one of 100 UK stores that would be 'card-only' on its fuel pump service, as they move away from a cash system.

At the time, the supermarket said that more than 90 per cent of its customers now use a card or contactless device to pay for their petrol and groceries.

The Northern Echo: The Asda store and petrol station on Whinbush Way, DarlingtonThe Asda store and petrol station on Whinbush Way, Darlington (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

However, this hasn't gone down well with some of its customers, including drivers, who have vowed to boycott the supermarket chain and its fuel pumps.

The Asda store and petrol station on Whinbush Way, Darlington, was one of the first few to convert to be 'card-only' - but that hasn't stopped some customers from saying that they will think twice before shopping there until a pay-by-cash option is reinstated. 

One driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said that they had decided to avoid the supermarket chain, due to feeling it was wrong that it only accepted cash. 

The Northern Echo: A card-only pay at the pump optionA card-only pay at the pump option (Image: ASDA)

The motorist highlighted people who got paid in cash and those who are elderly as just two groups that Asda's decision could disadvantage.

But it isn't all support for those wanting to bring back a cash payment system, with one driver, Jill Ross, telling The Northern Echo, "Things move on and most people pay by card these days anyway."

"It seems silly to have a cash payment system - it slows things down."

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While drivers are divided on the issue, Asda has moved to reassure customers that its in-store supermarkets will continue to accept both cash and card payments as normal.

"The majority of customers who use our drive-thru Superstore fuel stations use pay at the pump and over 90 per cent of all payments are made on a card or contactless device," said a spokesperson for Asda.

"More than half of our drive-thru sites are already unmanned, and we are moving the remaining colleagues who work in the kiosk into the adjacent store so they can better serve customers.”