A dangerous driver who knocked over a motorcycle rider has been banned from the roads.

Last year, in the early hours of Monday, June 12, officers on duty heard a loud bang and came across a collision involving a van and a motorcycle on Adelaide Road in Newcastle.

They quickly went to the aid of the rider – a man in his 20s – who had been knocked to the ground, after the driver of a red Ford Connect van struck him near a four-way crossroad junction.The Northern Echo: Stephen Sinclair has been banned from driving

The suspect, now known to be Stephen Sinclair, was found at the scene slurring his words and resisted arrest when he was asked to carry out a roadside breath test and drugs wipe.

He was detained a short time later and brought into custody.

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The Northern Echo:

Bloodwork revealed that Sinclair had been driving under the influence, showing excess levels of a cocaine breakdown product and alcohol in his system.

A search of his vehicle also uncovered a small quantity of cannabis and the now 40-year-old was later charged with a string of offences including dangerous driving, driving while over the drink and drug limit, obstructing an officer in execution of duty and possession of cannabis.

Sinclair, of Pipe Track Lane in Benwell, admitted his guilt in January and appeared before Newcastle Crown Court on Thursday, April 11, where he was handed a year-long driving ban, with requirements to carry out an extended test to regain his licence, as well as a 15-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.