Several stunning images of the Northern Lights have been captured over the skies of the region, as the best places to see the phenomenon have been revealed. 

The aurora borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, lit up the sky just before midnight on Tuesday (April 16) over St Aidan's church in Thockrington, Northumberland.

Those who were around the area at the time would have been able to see an amazing purple and green hue above the village - which was stunning.

Here are the images from PA photographer Owen Humphreys:

The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo:

The occasion was captured by PA Media photographer Owen Humphreys - who has shared the images.

As Northumberland gets a sighting of the Northern Lights, the most common places to see the  aurora borealis have been shared.

Almost 30 locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been selected by Newmarket Holidays thanks to attributes that include a northerly outlook, dark skies, little light pollution and past aurora experiences - with some in the North East and North Yorkshire.

Here are the places most likely to see the Northern Lights:

The Northern Echo: The best places to see the Northern LightsThe best places to see the Northern Lights (Image: NEWMARKET)

They include Tan Hill Inn, Hawes National Park Visitor Centre, Buckden National Park Car Park and Malham National Park Visitor Centre in North Yorkshire, plus Harbottle, Stonehaugh and Cawfields in Northumberland.

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The guide also features top tips for seeing the lights in the UK from Newmarket Holidays’ tour leaders, with recommendations including to sign up to Aurora Watch UK for alerts when the lights are visible, check the weather to avoid cloudy nights, have back-up sites in case of adverse conditions, bring plenty of supplies, and to prepare well for long, cold nights as sightings could take hours.

Here are the top places in the North East and North Yorkshire to see the Northern Lights: 

  • Harbottle, Northumberland
  • Stonehaugh, Northumberland
  • Cawfields, Northumberland
  • Tan Hill Inn, Yorkshire Dale
  • Buckden National Park car park, North Yorkshire
  • Malham, North Yorkshire
  • Hawes National Park, North Yorkshire

Mike Fleetwood, head of short-haul at Newmarket Holidays, said: “We’ve rounded up the locations where the auroras are most regularly seen in the UK, but a successful sighting requires preparation and good timing, just like a trip to the Arctic Circle, where the Northern Lights are most famously on show."