A man was airlifted to hospital after he was left stuck under a ride-on lawnmower for four hours while emergency services tried to free him from the piece of machinery. 

The man, who was aged 75, became lodged in the lawnmower in the village of Simonstone, near Hawes at about 2.30pm on Tuesday (April 16) - which sparked an emergency response from the fire service, police and paramedics. 

After arriving on the scene of the incident at about 6.50pm, emergency service crews found the man stuck by his legs underneath the lawnmower and began to try and free him. 

Firefighters quickly managed to free the man's legs and administer first aid, while waiting for medical teams to arrive on the scene. 

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He was initially treated at the scene, before he was airlifted to hospital, due to the seriousness of his injuries.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crews from Hawes, Reeth and Ripon responded to reports of a male, aged 75, trapped by his legs, underneath a ride on lawn mower.

"The male had been trapped since 1430 hours. Crews stabilised the mower with ground anchor and ropes and administered first aid. Following the arrival of ambulance services, crews then moved the mower off the male, before he was taken to hospital via air ambulance."