Two feline best buddies are searching for their fur-ever home after their owner surrendered them for adoption when they could not afford their medical care costs.

The "inseparable" cats, who are both around 7 years old, are named Dave and Billy have been living at the RSPCA's Great Ayton Animal Centre in Middlesbrough since November.

The charity stepped in after their previous owner unsuccessfully tried to treat the cats’ flea allergy, which has left one of them with facial scarring.

The Northern Echo: Billy and Dave.Billy and Dave. (Image: RSPCA)

The duo love to "snuggle up together" are inseparable and are currently one of four pairs of bonded cats who are looking for a home at Great Ayton.

RSPCA Inspector Lucy Green, said: "The owner had tried his best to treat Billy and Dave and their living environment but the situation wasn’t improving.

"A welfare assistance voucher was offered but he said he couldn’t afford ongoing veterinary care and wanted to sign them over.

"It was a sad situation - and one that we are seeing all too often in the current climate  - but we would much rather people seek advice and support rather than letting a welfare situation continue to escalate."

The Northern Echo: Dave the cat.Dave the cat. (Image: RSPCA)

Billy, the white and black cat, is described as "a little shy" at first but enjoys sitting on your lap for a fuss and cuddle. 

Dave, who is mainly black with white markings, is a little more outgoing and curious. 

The charity says the pair would suit a quiet home with no hustle and bustle. 

Great Ayton Cattery Supervisor Beverley Dunn said: "Billy and Dave are beautiful cats who love their home comforts and have come to us in sad circumstances.

The Northern Echo: Billy the cat.Billy the cat. (Image: RSPCA)


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"They’re absolutely devoted to each other and can often be found curled up in their pod together having a snooze. 

"Sadly we’ve had no interest from potential adopters and they are now nearing six months with us. We know taking on a pair of cats is an extra big ask but they are wonderful, easy-going characters who’ll bring a lot of fun and friendship to their new owners.

"We’d encourage people to visit our website or help us to spread the word about them by sharing their story with family and friends."