Cleveland Police have addressed public concerns about "attempted abductions" going on in Grangetown.

Residents have reported that someone in a red car has been following children in the Grangetown and South Bank areas.

Officers have been investigating and going through CCTV footage and so far no crimes have been identified.

Neighbourhood officers have been visiting schools to reinforce personal safety messages.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: "We are aware of recent discussions on social media claiming someone in a red car was following children in the Grangetown and South Bank areas.

"Officers have conducted thorough enquiries into the small number of reports which were made to Cleveland Police and have examined local CCTV systems, and we can confirm that no crimes have currently been identified.

"Neighbourhood officers have also carried out schools engagement activity, visiting both primary and secondary schools to reinforce personal safety messages."

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Greater Eston NPT Inspector Zoe Kelsey said: "We understand the public’s concerns as talk of attempted abductions spread, but police have examined all the available information and footage as well as looking into the varying descriptions of people and vehicles and we have not identified any crimes at this stage.

"Nevertheless, if anyone does have concerns about suspicious activity of any nature, I would urge them to contact Cleveland Police on the 101 number as soon as they can.  In an emergency always use 999

"Finally, to further reassure residents, my officers will conduct reassurance patrols over the next few days."