A warning has been issued after needles were left strewn across a pavement in County Durham that could have been dangerous to children or pets, according to council wardens.

During a routine patrol by Durham County Council wardens on Saturday (April 13), they discovered numerous needles laid across the road, which looked used. 

After the discovery, the wardens have now issued a warning about needles and how they can impact communities.

A spokesperson for the wardens said: "Neighbourhood Wardens 14 and 52 were tasked with collecting these needles from Pine Street in South Moor last night.

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"As you can see, quite a lot of needles were scattered all over the road and this could have been dangerous to the public and wildlife.

"We secured the needles and have taken them to a safe place to be destroyed.

"Please report Anti Social Behaviour to 101 at the time of happening or 999 in an emergency. You can also report any ASB via https://doitonline.durham.gov.uk/."