A trucker has been left devastated after he believes two of his pet ducks were from their enclosure overnight.

Spennymoor man Mark Sumpton has reported the missing ducks, a male called Basil and female called Thyme, as stolen to police.

The 56-year-old’s wife Samantha discovered they were missing when she went to their allotment in the town to feed them on Tuesday (Aoril 9) morning.

Mark, a truck driver who also bakes pies, said: “I cannot stop thinking about what’s happened to them. I’m absolutely devastated.

“If I had £50,000 in my bank account I would offer that as a reward to have them back.

The Northern Echo: Mark Sumpton.Mark Sumpton.

“Samantha phoned me and said ‘I can’t find Basil or Thyme, I’ve looked all over’.

“I don’t get why someone would steal them. They’re of no value to anyone.

“I don’t think a fox has taken them. Foxes are very messy, they would normally tear them up but there wasn’t a feather anywhere. There’s no evidence of that here. It makes me think they’ve been stolen.

“Even if you left all the gates open, they wouldn’t walk out. They’re pets, they talk to you in their own way – if you say to them ‘come on go back inside’ they’ll go into the shed.

“As soon as you open the allotment gate you can hear them. When my wife went on Tuesday she couldn’t hear anything and thought it was strange. “

His other duck, Princess Jasmine, was still in the enclosure, where he’d just spent hundreds of pounds on new fencing.

The Northern Echo: Princess Jasmine, Thyme and Basil (L-R left image).Princess Jasmine, Thyme and Basil (L-R left image). (Image: MARK SUMPTON)

Mark is now getting two more ducks to keep Princess Jasmine company.

“Princess Jasmine is sad. She’s not herself,” he added.

“Two weeks ago we were offered another duck and but we didn’t want to upset Basil in case they would fight.

“We’ve took two in this Saturday (April 13). We’ve called them Parsley and Minty.”

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Mark is hoping anyone who has information about where Basil and Thyme are will get in touch.

A Durham Police spokesperson said: “Shortly after 10.45am on April 9, a member of the public called police to report the theft of two ducks from an allotment in Spennymoor.

“It is believed intruders climbed a fence and stole one drake, with a green head and grey body, and one brown duck.”