A woman with a recent history of drink-related offending failed to make the most of a chance offered by a judge following a conviction earlier this year.

Sherylee Myers was back before Durham Crown Court only weeks after receiving a 14-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, on February 29.

That sentence was passed following her conviction for assault causing actual bodily harm, common assault and assaulting an emergency worker.

As part of the sentence Myers was given a 12-month alcohol abstinence requirement and was ordered to attend 40 rehabilitation activity days with the Probation Service.

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But she was back before the court having been arrested just six days after being sentenced.

Elisha Marsay, prosecuting, told the court 34-year-old Myers admitted a single charge of assaulting an emergency worker when she appeared before magistrates, who sent the case to be sentenced at the crown court as the conviction put her in breach of the suspended sentence.

Miss Marsay said two police officers attended a domestic-related incident, involving two third parties, at a Shotton Colliery hotel, on March 6.

While dealing with that incident the officers received further information that led to Myers being arrested.

As she was being handcuffed she began to resist the officers, screaming at them.

Miss Marsay said as Myers was being searched she refused to stand still, throwing herself around, getting close to the officers.

She kicked out at a female officer, making contact with her left thigh and so she was placed into the rear of a police vehicle, being held by the handcuffs to prevent her lashing out further.

Myers also tried to bite the PC and was taken to Peterlee Police Station, where, in interview, later, she claimed she could not recall kicking the officer, and if she did, she had not intended doing so.

She said she would like to apologise to the officers for her behaviour.

Miss Marsay outlined offending by Myers in the recent past, which has included assaulting emergency workers in June and September last year, prior to the February conviction for further violence.

In a short victim statement, the officer who was kicked by Myers in the latest incident said the was not injured but still did not appreciate being assaulted.

Miss Marsay said the prosecution would say it would not be unjust to activate the suspended sentence from February at least in part, or even in full.

She said although the defendant has been “pro-active” in contacting alcohol support agencies, she is considered unsuitable for unpaid work due to her alcohol dependency.

Stuart Duke, for Myers, said she could not complain if she received a custodial sentence.

But he said the ancillary terms of the previous sentence, working with the Probation Service, had not had time to take effect by the time the latest offence was committed.

Mr Duke said the defendant has now been found a fixed address, in Ashton Street, Easington Colliery, through a charity, but if she went to custody she would lose that accommodation.

He added that she had turned up at court on time and in a sober state.

The Northern Echo:

Judge Jo Kidd, who passed sentence on February 29, told Mr Duke: “It seems to me this has not been the first occasion she has assaulted an emergency worker and great weight can be attached to that.”

Activating eight months of the suspended sentence from February, Judge Kidd told Myers: “Only six days had elapsed since your last sentence when police attended at your address.

“You were obviously under the influence of alcohol and obviously behaving violently.

“Your response was to kick out and tried to bite them.

“It seems to be a pattern of offending.

“Since June last year on three occasions you reacted the same way to other emergency workers.

“When I passed a suspended sentence order I told you how close you came to going to prison.

“I take into account everything that has been said about you.

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“But not six days had elapsed before you were displaying that sort of behaviour.

“Your success moving forward is in your own hands if you don’t surround yourself with people and continue to drink.

“But I have no option other than to impose part of the suspended sentence order.”