A new school will be opening soon for children with special educational needs in Newton Aycliffe.

The secondary school will have year groups of around 6 pupils for Year 7 up to Year 11, the whole school will have around 30 places.

Jill Gray and Jacqui Reynolds have decided to start a new school with their combined 40 years of teaching experience.

Parents can request more information directly from the school or through SENDIASS.

The independent school will offer two different educational pathways: GCSE 1-9 qualifications or an entry-level curriculum complemented with Life skills qualifications and experience.

The Northern Echo: Forest Park School

Ms Gray said: "I have been a secondary school teacher for over 20 years.

"Having worked in the mainstream schools it is clear that it is very difficult for children with special educational needs to get the support that they need.

"Smaller class sizes and intensive support are just not available - which if they had they would be able to achieve.

"I was frustrated with the current system. At this new school I will be able to offer an alternative curriculum. 

"Ideally I am looking at 6 places in a class. I went to visit some schools with special provisions in London and this is one of the areas where the South is ahead of us.

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"We are motivated to make learning a fair and purposeful journey for students with SEND."

The new school will be based at the Newton Aycliffe Business Park. 

They aim to open in September 2024.