While Darlington and County Durham have their fair share of brilliant pubs and clubs to visit - there are a number that are sadly no longer in use and have closed down years ago. 

From Hogans in Darlington which has made way for the town's station development or The Top Hat in Spennymoor, it's fair to say that there are plenty of these lost pubs and clubs that could bring back a lot of nostalgia for you.

Seven lost pubs and clubs of Darlington and County Durham:

Hogans, Victoria Road, Darlington

Hogans, previously known as the Park Hotel, was a local landmark and used to be one of the first things you saw as you exited Darlington station from one of its exits. 

The pub was part of the Hogans Leisure franchise, which ran a chain of six pubs – four in Darlington and one in Bishop Auckland and Stockton.

Despite it having its heyday, it was left a derelict premises until it was bought as part of the Darlington Station plan. 

It has been levelled to the ground now but its memory will still live on from those that used to call in regularly.

The King’s Head, Barnard Castle

The King’s Head was a firm favourite for many in Barnard Castle - and may even have a claim to fame after Charles Dickens is thought to have stayed in the pub in 1838.

Allegedly the classics author was collecting material for his novel “Nicholas Nickleby” – and the pub is even referred to in the novel when the character Newman Noggs says that there is "good ale at the King's Head".

Despite featuring in a high-profile piece of literary work, the pub was destroyed to make a care home.

Mardi Gras/Escapade, Darlington

The Northern Echo: Escapade in Darlington.Escapade in Darlington. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Mardi Gras was famed as a place to go for the club on Gladstone Street in Darlington before it became the Escapade club in 2004.

The club later rebranded as The Hub following a major refurbishment in 2012, and just six months later closed its doors.

However, people to this day still fondly remember it as a great place.

Inside Out, Darlington

The Northern Echo: Inside Out in Darlington.Inside Out in Darlington. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Another example of a Darlington club that has now closed - Inside Out was based on Beaumont Street - as it spent more than a decade as part of the town's growing entertainment scene. 

Sadly it closed in 2020, the running of the venue didn't come without its problems, having been threatened with the suspension of its alcohol license and concerns over crime with assaults reported there.

Route 66, Darlington

Route 66 is always mentioned whenever we do these kinds of nostalgia-type articles - it was well-known for its dancefloor and its décor in Route 66.

The Northern Echo: Route 66, Darlington.Route 66, Darlington. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Plastered Parrot, Darlington

Perhaps one of the better-named venues in Darlington's rich tapestry of pubs and clubs, Darlington's Plastered Parrot on Commercial Street faced demolition in 2021 after it suffered a fire in 2020.

The former club, which first opened its doors to Darlington in the 1970s, had remained vacant for the past decade after its stint as Audio.

Despite its name when it closed - it had various guises over the years before the Plastered Parrot, including Zhivagos, Oscar's, Emmy's, the Plastered Parrot, The Lounge and Cactus Jack's.

The Northern Echo: The Plaster Parrot before and after demolition.The Plaster Parrot before and after demolition.

Monaco, Bishop Auckland

Monaco in Bishop Auckland was a popular destination on Market Place in the town - and is always mentioned as one of the better venues in County Durham and Bishop Auckland of the past.

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Like the outside, the inside of the venue featured black ceilings and carpets and was dark throughout.

It closed its doors around 2016.

The Northern Echo: Monaco, Bishop Auckland.Monaco, Bishop Auckland. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

The Top Hat, Spennymoor

The Northern Echo: The former Top Hat in Spennymoor.The former Top Hat in Spennymoor.

The former Top Hat nightclub in Spennymoor was a hit staying open for decades - with numerous big names playing the venue over the years.

After closing down for good in 2014, the venue has been consigned to nightclub history and is one of those on the list that has been significantly renovated and repurposed.