Shocking footage has captured the moment three suspects were caught allegedly attempting to burgle a County Durham primary school.

Durham police have released bodycam footage showing officers detain three suspects inside one of the classrooms at Wingate Primary School shortly after 9pm on Tuesday (April 9).

The video showed the trio lay on the floor until more police arrived on the scene to arrest them on suspicion of burglary.

Three males, aged 16, 16 and 19, were arrested and remain in custody.

A Durham Police spokesperson said: “Take a look at the moment three suspected burglars were detained inside a school.

“Shortly after 9pm last night (April 9) PCs Furlonger and Anderson travelled on an immediate response to Wingate following reports of an attempt burglary at a local primary school.

“The officers landed at the scene and swiftly located three suspects inside one of the classrooms.

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“The suspects remained still on the floor until further units arrived to help arrest the trio on suspicion of burglary.

“Two boys aged 16 and 17 and one man, aged 19, were arrested and taken into custody where they remain.

“They will all be interviewed later today.”