Plans have been submitted to North Yorkshire Council for the construction of four detached homes on land off Exelby Lane, Leeming, North Yorkshire.

A planning statement has been prepared by Saddington Taylor Planning on behalf of the applicants, FW and JA Herbert.

According to the planning statement, the application site extends to approximately 0.249 hectares and covers part of an enclosed arable field at south-western edge of Leeming village.

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The site lies around 150 metres from the A1 motorway and around 300 metres from the perimeter of RAF Leeming.

The site frontage measures around 63 metres and runs directly adjacent to Exelby Lane and the domestic curtilage of Dunelm House to the west.

The proposed dwellings would provide a mix of housing, including two smaller two-bed dwellings and two three-bed dwellings.

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The proposed dwellings are designed as bungalows, with three of the four units having bedrooms in the roof space:

• Plot 1 - three-bed detached bungalow (living accommodation within roof space)

• Plot 2- two-bed detached bungalow

• Plot 3- two-bed detached bungalow (living accommodation within roof space)

• Plot 4- three-bed detached bungalow (living accommodation within roof space)

However, the plans have been met with opposition from Exelby, Leeming and Londonderry Parish Council.

The council states that there are "errors, issues and assumptions arising from the planning statement submitted by Saddinton Taylor on behalf of FW & JA Herbert".

The objections states: "This field has continued to be used for agricultural purposes by the owner and subsequently by contractors.

"Should this application be successful it would be an opportunistic and underhanded approach to development within Leeming as the remaining part of the field would then have precedence for future development.

"This would represent larger scale development by stealth.

"The issue of noise remains a concern for this parish council. Our most significant objection lies with the issue of noise pollution for the inhabitants of these proposed dwellings."