A number of residents in Northallerton have complained to their housing company about "worm infested" gardens that are always waterlogged.

The problem started for them over winter and they say a number of properties on Goldfinch Way have had waterlogged gardens since.

The residents say that they have been in touch with Persimmon, the housing company they bought their houses from, but have made no progress.

One of the people affected reached out to The Northern Echo and explained how they might have to pay thousands to have a useable garden again.

They said: "We have been living here for two years now. Every property on our row has gardens that are unusable.

The Northern Echo: Waterlogged garden

"They are all waterlogged and their gardens have died. Our neighbour's garden is even worse than ours.

"We have raised this with Persimmon many times. Six months ago they said that would be in touch with the landscapers and then they would contact us.

"We haven't heard anything else. Nothing gets done. 

"The worms on our patio are all drowning, it's disgusting. It makes you feel dirty. 

The Northern Echo: Worms on patio

"We try and stay off the grass as much as possible as it just gets worse. 

"Persimmon have shown no remorse. We looked at having the landscaping done ourselves and it will cost us a couple of thousand pounds."

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A Persimmon Teesside spokesperson said: "This winter has been one of the wettest on record with waterlogging an issue for homeowners across the country.

"This has obviously been a problem for people living in both older and new properties.

"We of course regret that some of our customers have been negatively impacted by this - we have written to those affected to arrange visits to consider any works that may be required."