LOOKING back to the week that was April 15 to April 21, ten years ago...

THE owner of a rottweiler was surprised when his pet received a polling card enabling him to vote in the European elections, in April 2014.

Eight-year-old Zeus received the polling card, valid for the European Parliament elections on May 22, 2014.

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The card, addressed to Zeus Hoyle, was sent to owner Russell Hoyle's home in Cheshire Road, Norton, near Stockton.

Mr Hoyle, a 45-year-old security guard, said: "I can remember when the man came round to do the census, I was gardening and he asked me who lived at the address.

"I told him that there was myself, my wife and my son, who is not old enough to vote.

"Then I told him that we had Zeus living here as well and he is 63 in dog years. I did not think anything of it, I assumed he would get that I was joking."

He said: "I just think it is totally hilarious and I know they will expect me to get in touch and flag up that there is an issue, but I am not going to; I am going to take him down to cast his vote."

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Members of a bowling club said they were in shock after securing a £48,000 grant only 12 months after staring closure in the face.

A year previously, Northallerton Bowling Club considered whether it would have to close as, with its finances in difficulty, its future looked bleak.

Members managed to put the club back on a firm financial footing through fundraising, sponsorship and digging into their own pockets to pay an extra £50 lump sum to the club on top of their regular subs.

Now the club has been told that a bid for Sport England Inspired Facilities funding has been successful.

The club will receive £47,700 – securing its future for many years to come.

Chairwoman Val Coe said: "It is absolutely mind-blowing – a lot of our members are still in shock. We thought our plans were a bit pie in the sky, they're not now. We really can do all those things.

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Hundreds of bikers turned out to make Easter a little sweeter for children spending the bank holiday in hospital.

About 300 riders joined the Easter Egg Run from Durham City to Darlington Memorial Hospital, and back to Durham University Hospital, on April 19, 2014, to drop off dozens of eggs at the children's wards.

The annual event had been organised by Durham Police since 2005.