There is nothing that builds up an appetite more than a good walk in beautiful countryside while enjoying the fresh air.

This is true even more so when the walk is also something of an adventure, more still when you are keen to escape persistent rain.

We had already sussed out the menu on arrival at Forbidden Corner, near Leyburn in North Yorkshire, and had a good idea of the hearty fayre on offer.

So, after a couple of hours exploring the curious creations and whimsical wonders on the Tupgill Park Estate we headed back to for some much-needed sustenance.

The café adjoins the well-stocked gift shop making it the ideal place to round off a trip to one of the strangest visitor attractions you will encounter.

There is plenty of room for diners inside but also tables and chairs outdoors so people can eat al fresco during fine weather.

We had no such luck but were quite comfortable with our cosy table in the corner, and pictures of scenes from our quirky walk hanging on the walls.

The Northern Echo: The menu offers soup and sandwiches, pies and pastries as well as jackets potatoes, burgers, and pizzas.

It is all fairly reasonably priced and, from what we could see, looked like it was good quality.

You order at the counter, canteen-style, some of which you can take straight away, the rest, paid for at the till, is brought over.

The Northern Echo:

I went for a chicken, bacon and leek and pie, which came served with chips, mushy peas and a little jug of gravy.

For £8.50 I have no complaints. The pastry was thick but also flaky and fell apart allowing the satisfying filling to ooze out.

The Northern Echo: This combined with the chips - now drowned in gravy – was a great way to refuel.

My daughter enjoyed the homemade soup, (£4.99) which came served with a bread bun in the shape of a Mickey Mouse silhouette.

With carrot, orange and beetroot, it was blended smoothly so there were no ‘bits’ in it – just as she likes it.

The Northern Echo: Both my mam and son chose the giant Yorkshire pudding filled with beef and vegetables. (£10.99)

It is a dish I would have gone for myself but that would have made this a pretty short review, hence my choice of pie and chips.

It arrived after I finished my meal, which is one of the inherent problems with the ordering system.

Depending on what you get, you might not be eating at the same time as the rest of your party.

It’s no big deal really though as the gift shop is handy for browsing to pass the time.

Anyway, the Yorkshires were a treat, filled to the brim with thin slices of beef, cauliflower and broccoli as well as crispy roasties.

The Northern Echo:

I thought the veg was perfect but my mam complained they were a little too al détente.

Finn twisted that the roast beef was not thick enough – ‘not like yours Dad’ – and the bottom of the Yorkshire had a soggy bottom.

As did we all.

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He forgave the cook after conceding it was an inevitability after filling said pudding with gravy.         

Minor quibbles really, and they certainly did not prevent us from enjoying our meals enormously.

Dessert options include pastries, cakes and scones but we instead went for a simple ice cream.

Mine was a tub of mint choc chip from Brymor, which is made locally, and cost a mere £2.25. It certainly hit the spot.

Finn’s Magnum set us back £2.40 while Tilda’s slush – a mix of strawberry and blue raspberry was £2.60.  

Sometimes cafés at visitor attractions are an afterthought or fail to deliver but here it was very much part of the experience.

Well worth it.  

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The Northern Echo:

Forbidden Corner Café

Tupgill Park Estate
North Yorkshire



Sun 10am-6pm

01969 640 638


Food: 7/10

Value: 9/10

Service: 7/10

Surroundings: 9/10