Broadcaster and media personality Carol Vorderman has hit out at North Durham MP Richard Holden over a letter he wrote to Sir Keir Starmer about Angela Rayner's former living arrangements.

Vordeman was reacting after Holden posted a letter on X in which he criticised the leader of the opposition for his 'unwillingness to investigate' the controversy surrounding his deputy Angela Rayner. 

The Northern Echo: Richard Holden was made the new Conservative chairman in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's ministerial

Ms Rayner has faced questions about whether she paid the right amount of tax on the 2015 sale of her ex-council house due to confusion over whether it was her principal residency.

The Labour deputy leader has insisted she has “done absolutely nothing wrong” and took legal advice that no rules were broken.

She has said she would present this advice to the police or HMRC but would not publicly release her “personal tax advice”.

Beginning in a lengthy post on X, the former countdown star pointed out that Richard Holden does not have a seat for the next general election due to boundary changes.

She then noted ‘a few Holden facts’, listing various points, including that he was fined £100 for dropping litter after hitting out at those who litter.

Known for being an outspoken Tory critic, Vorderman accused the MP of having an "obsession" with the Labour leader and his deputy, Angela Rayner.

Holden retaliated to the post saying: "Nice to see you leaping forth to a good trolling sesh Carol Vorderman!

"Think we can both agree that the only stench here emanates from Angela’s inability to answer basic questions and Sir Keir’s unwillingness to ask them… "Your logic is that no one should dare question Sir Keir Starmer or Angela Rayner - people who want to run our country.

"Fair enough, an odd position, but it seems to be serving you well as an online tool of Labour HQ…”

The spat continued throughout the day with Vorderman posting: “How many times has the Tory party Chairman libelled me here?”

Holden replied with: “I think people can see what you are. Very sad. Nothing positive to offer just insult and attack and insinuation. Alastair Campbell and the @UKLabour gang would be proud.”

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The Northern Echo:

Vorderman then went on to reference her book ‘Out of Order’ and the tactical voting site